Wreck Dives: USCG Bibb

In 1987, the Bibb and another cutter, the Duane, were stripped and prepared for sinking. The doors above the main deck were removed, but the hull was sealed. The Bibb rests on her starboard side in 130 feet of water. The port railing can be reached at 95 feet. Penetration is not recommend as there are many possible entanglements and obstructions, and often extremely stong currents.

The Bibb is close enough to the Gulfstream to have incredible visibiility and some very large marine life. Sharks and Goliath Grouper are routinely spotted here, as are hordes of smaller fishes and barracudas.

For the advanced wreck diver, the Bibb is a dive not to be missed!

Bibb saw service in World War II. The ship fought in the Battle of the Atlantic serving as a convoy escort. In February 1943, the convoy came under attack and the SS Henry R. Mallory was torpedoed. Capt. Raney ignored the order to leave the survivors and went back and rescued 202 men from the icy waters.

courtesy of Wikipedia

In 1944 Bibb provided convoy escort between the United States and North Africa — mainly to Bizerte in Tunisia.

In January 1945 Bibb left Charleston, South Carolina for service in the Pacific theater where, as an AGC, she served temporarily as the flagship for Commander, Minecraft, Pacific Fleet.

Bibb is credited with destroying one Japanese kamikaze aircraft in action at Karema Retto.

In peacetime the Bibb spent time on ocean station providing weather information and beacons to trans-Atlantic traffic. While on ocean station, the Bibb came to the rescue of the airliner, the Bermuda Sky Queen.

In the Vietnam War, the Bibb transported John Kerry after he was shot on his Swift boat. Further reading at Wikipedia


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