Wreck Dives: Mike’s Wreck

One of the ships that sank on Elbow Reef is a 315’ steel-hulled ship that is called Mike’s Wreck. There are two larger sections of the bow and stern which appear grown into the reef. Other smaller pieces are scattered around a large area.

Many people once thought the wreck debris was the Civil War era ship, the Towanda, or possibly parts of another wreck simply known as the Civil War wreck. via Divebuddy

Mike’s Wreck – Hannah M. Bell

Mikes Wreck Hannah M Bell

courtesy of noaa.gov

NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries has identified the remains of an early 20th century shipwreck in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to be those of the British steamship Hannah M. Bell.

Information gathered by sanctuary staff and volunteers from the National Association of Black Scuba Divers (NABS) during a September 2012 field survey enabled maritime archaeologists to confirm the wreck’s origins.

No lives were lost when the Hannah M. Bell grounded on the shallow reef known today as Elbow Reef, located about six miles offshore of Key Largo, Fla., on April 4, 1911. The ship was loaded with coal bound for Vera Cruz, Mexico. With the ship’s engine room flooded and holds filled with water, salvagers abandoned their efforts days after grounding, and by May heavy weather had torn the ship apart. Read more …

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