Wreck Dives: Ivory Wreck

Ivory Wreck Marathon

The ledges and sandy channels around this sunken slave ship are filled with sea grasses, a variety of stony and gorgonian coral and plenty of fish.

The clear water makes this a great spot for anyone Florida Keys snorkeling and for novice divers exploring the few remains that are left of this ship. (via Florida Keys Vacation)

Ivory Wreck Marathon Wiki

Ivory Wreck Marathon

Ivory Wreck Marathon

This scattered and mostly buried wreck is said to be the remains of a schooner sunk in the 1850’s.

She rests in shallow water, just south of Vaca key.

This wreck received her name after a group of divers found elephant tusks on the site ranging from four to six feet in length.

Among the other items found were cannon balls, musket shot, leg irons and brass bowls.

The leg irons and brass bowls tell historians that this wreck is probably that of a slave ship from Africa. (Shipwreckexpo)

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