Wreck Dives: Gunsmoke

Gunsmoke Wreck Tampa

The Gunsmoke is an interesting wreck dive. The old shrimper sits in 80 feet of water about 20 miles offshore. She is listing to starboard and has collapsed at midship.

Shrimp nets are draped across the rigging.

Gunsmoke Wreck Tampa Wiki

The Gunsmoke was an old shrimper that was being used to smuggle marijuana into Florida.

Gunsmoke Wreck Tampa

Gunsmoke Wreck Tampa

In 1977, the 65 foot Gunsmoke was scuttled by her crew. The Coast Guard found only a few floating bales of marijuana when they arrived at the scene.

One report tells of government divers finding a dead crew member, who was shot in the head, below deck.

We may never know exactly what happened aboard the Gunsmoke that day, but today this old shrimper, sitting in 80 feet of water off St. Pete, is one of the most spectacular wreck dives in the area.

She lies with a slight starboard list, 24 miles from John’s Pass. (via Shipwreckexpo)


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