Wreck Dives: Concepcion

Concepcion Wreck Miami

The 165-foot ship sits in 68-feet of water. The cargo area has collapsed and Hurricane Andrew broke off the stern which now lies approximately 40 feet north of the main hull.

The wreck attracts numerous fish, especially in the mornings and late afternoons.

Concepcion Wreck Miami Wiki

This 150 foot long Honduran freighter was built in 1965.

La Concepcion

courtesy Shipwreckexpo

In 1990 while en route from Miami to Haiti with a cargo of trucks, cars, clothing, wheat and rice she developed engine trouble.

The La Concepcion anchored off South Beach. Before repairs could be made the Concepcion’s anchor failed and she drifted aground.

The La Concepcion was high and dry and cost the State over $300,000.00 to pull her off the beach.

The La Concepcion was sunk as an artificial reef on June 7, 1991. She now sits in 71 feet of water just north of the C-One wreck.  (via Shipwreckexpo)

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