Wreck Dives: Cannabis Cruiser

Cannabis Cruiser Wreck Islamorada

The Cannabis Cruiser, often referred to as “Pot Wreck”, is located three miles west of Alligator Light in 110 feet of water.

In the late 1970’s, this 75 foot trawler was bringing drugs in to the United States when observation by the Coast
Guard caused the crew to abandon ship and sink the vessel with the cargo aboard.

When the ship was later discovered, it was completely intact still containing the electronic equipment as well as several 20 to 30 pound bails of marijuana. (Divespots)

Cannabis Cruiser Wreck Wiki

This drug smuggling 75 foot trawler was on its way to the states when the crew decided that surveillance was too heavy and agreed to sink the vessel.

Cannabis Cruiser Wreck Islamorada

Cannabis Cruiser Wreck Islamorada

About five years latter, divers, Buddy Brown and Bob Guenther, discovered the wreck five miles off Islamorada. The wreck was completely intact in 110 feet of water including her radar and Loran electronics and cargo of contraband marijuana.

Buddy told us how he busted the dogs on a hatch, and several 20 to 30 pound bails of marijuana rocketed to the surface.

The two divers looked around the wreck, then surfaced and called the Coast Guard. Photographer Stephen Frink wrote an article on the wreck and came up with the name Cannabis Cruiser.

Today the Cannabis Cruiser or Pot Wreck is broken up but makes an interesting deep dive. She is usually loaded with marine life including jacks, grouper, hogfish, angles and an occasional shark. (courtesy Shipwreckexpo)

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