Wreck Dives: Blue Fire

Blue Fire Wreck Miami

This 175-foot passenger freight was sunk in 1983 and is filled with sea life. The Blue Fire was seized during the Cuban exodus by the Coast Guard. Today, she is located South of Miami.

Blue Fire Wreck Miami Wiki

Located in 110 feet of water south of Miami, this 175 foot freighter sits upright and is easily penetrated.

Blue Fire Wreck Miami

Blue Fire Wreck Miami

This is a fantastic site for underwater photography.

Advance divers/wreck divers only.

The site has strong currents.

The Blue Fire was used during the Cuban exodus and was seized by the Coast Guard. Sunk in 1983 to help form an artificial reef, the results are great.

The wreck is home to many of the larger fish breeds – jewfish, cobia, and barracuda – as well as jack and snapper. This is one of the oldest artificial reefs in the Miami area.

This is an advanced dive site due to depth, currents and because the wreck itself has interior access. (via Adiscuba)

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