Wreck Dives: Biscayne Freighter

Biscayne Freghter Wreck Miami

A very popular wreck offshore of Key Biscayne. A vibrant community of fish makes this a great spot for photography and night dives.

Biscayne Freighter Wreck Miami Wiki

The Biscayne Wreck is a 120 foot long freighter carrying bananas between the Caribbean and Central America.

Often referred to as the Banana Wreck or Banana Freighter, she was one of Miami’s first artificial reefs which sank in December 1974 at 4.5 miles east of Key Biscayne.

Biscayne Freghter Wreck Miami

Biscayne Freighter Wreck Miami

It was a fisherman who bought it for himself and who had plans to scuttle it in waters of 250 foot deep to create the perfect fishing location only he knew.

When her hatch doors were opened and she was ready to sink, King Neptune decided otherwise.

It took ages before she went down which gave the strong winds enough time to blow her shoreward until she finally sank in waters of only 55 feet deep.

Its story continues as its location remained secret until 1980 when it was rediscovered. What had to be a fisherman’s paradise has now become one of the must dives for divers around the world. (via Great Dive Sites)

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