Wreck Dives: Billy’s Barge

Billys Barge Miami

Located in 50 feet of water in the Anchorage Artificial Reef site, the 110 foot long barge is surrounded by about 350 tons of concrete pipes.

Nice dive for any level diver.

Billy’s Barge Wreck Wiki

Billys Barge Miami

Billy’s Barge Miami

The Anchorage Artificial Reef site includes several barges, ships, and concrete structures in close proximity to each other.

Two Army tanks are also in the Anchorage.

Billy’s Barge is 110 feet in length and sits in just 50 feet of water.

It is surrounded by 360 tons of concrete pipe. Concrete has been found to be an excellent material for promoting rapid growth of stony and gorgonian corals.

Wherever there is substantial coral there will be plenty of fish and other sea life to observe. (Divespots)

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