Wreck Dives: Belzona Triangle

Belzona Triangle Wrecks Miami

The Belzona Triangle offers a view of three different tugs and a variety of sea life. It is easy to navigate between tugs and enjoy many aspects of the area.

This is a great dive for those looking to explore several wrecks in a single dive.

Belzona Wrecks Miami Wiki

East of Belcher Barge, in the Key Biscayne Artificial Reef Site lay three ships, Belzona One, Two, and Three. This trio lies in a triangular shape.

Belzona Triangle Miami

Belzona Triangle Miami

Belzona One is an 85-foot tug boat which was used throughout the Bahamas before she was harmed by a fire and then purchased by a Miami company.

Unable to restore the tug, this ship was purchased by Belzona America, Inc. and donated to form an artificial reef.

She was renamed and sunk in 1990 in 71 feet of water and sits upright.

Located seventy-five feet due west of Belzona One and connected by a rope for navigation lies Belzona Two. This was a second vessel purchased by Belzona America, Inc. and donated for use in an artificial reef.

This 90-foot tug was built in the early 1900s and carried refugees during the Cuba Boat lift.

She was sunk in 1991 and lies in 60 feet of water. During Hurricane Andrew, she was shaken about and lost her roof.

Seventy-five feet west of the second tug and also connected by a rope line lays Belzona Three. This 100-foot tug lies in 85 feet of water and was sunk in 1991 to complete the Belzona Triangle.

She was built in 1953 and used for towing. In 1989, engine failure lead to her demise and she was sold to Belzona America, Inc.(via Divebuddy)

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