Wreck Dives: Alexander Barge

Alexander Barge Islamorada

Alexander, a 120-foot long and 40-foot wide barge, was purposefully sunk in 1984 to mark the site for the development of an artificial reef.

A year later, remains of the old Whale Harbor Bridge were added to the area to help in the formation of the reef.

Due to the purposeful nature of this wreck, the ship still lies completely intact in 105 feet of water. This makes the ship a great site to explore and examine. (via divespots)

Alexander Barge Islamorada Wiki

Alexander Barge Islamorada

Alexander Barge Islamorada

This 120 foot long by 40 foot wide square steel barge was sunk in 1984 as an artificial reef.

She now sits on a sand bottom in 95 feet of water. According to Mark Christiansen, the barge is surrounded with bridge rubble.

The combination of barge and rubble has produced an excellent reef with big fish, like grouper, barracuda and a good number of lobsters.

The Alexander Barge is located only 500 yards from the wreck of the Eagle. (Source: Shipwreckexpo)

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