Wreck Dive: Almirante

Almirante Wreck Miami

The Almirante is a 200 foot steel ship sunk in April 1975. This wreck was considered the ‘Queen of Miami’.

It was sunk by the Dade Sports Commission off of Elliott Key. In 1992, the keel was twisted badly by Hurricane Andrew but it is still an excellent dive.

Since it has been underwater for over 30 years the amount of growth and aquatic life is breathtaking. (South Beach Divers)

Almirante Wreck Miami Wiki

The Almirante was originally called HMS Gillstone and was built in 1943.

Almirante Wreck Miami

Almirante Wreck Miami

She was 185 feet long with a beam of 28 feet and was used as a cargo ship that was sunk in 1974 off Elliot Key.

The ship lay on the bottom completely intact after being sunk by DERM (Department of Environmental Resource Department) and was covered in stunning corals until 1992 when Hurricane Andrew caused havoc around many of the dive sites around Miami and The Almirante was also caught up by Mother Nature’s ferocity and the wreck returned to the bottom upside down.

This is a deep dive so Miami scuba diving centers will want evidence that you are capable of exploring this wreck at 135 feet. (via Divebuddy)


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