Wreck Dive: Alicia Wreck

Alicia Wreck Miami

Located in shallow waters just south of Long Reef in Biscayne National Park. The wreck is broken up with only the keel and some of the hull of the ship left.

Novice site great for snorkeling as well.

Alicia Wreck Miami Wiki

The steamer, Alicia, owned by Linea de Vapres Serra, and ported in Bilboa, Spain, left Liverpool in early April, 1905 bound for Havana.

Alicia Wreck Miami

courtesy nps.gov

Her cargo was valued at greater than one million dollars and included fine silks, linens, silverware, household furniture, machetes, paint, pianos, wine, English ale and liquor, shoes, buggies, harnesses, and even a complete iron bridge.

On April 20, 1905 Alicia slammed into Long Reef during a storm, and was bilged and waterlogged.

On April 25th, the tug boat Three Friends, whose Captain was Harry Fozzard, attempted to pull Alicia off the reef. However, a squall moved through the area the next day and sank the flooded ship to the bottom.

Hope of refloating the Alicia was abandoned on July 25th and the wreck was sold to the highest bidder for scrap in September.

Work continued until December, and the salvors used explosives to tear the iron hull apart in order to recover machinery. Alicia eventually settled in 20 feet of water in what is now Biscayne National Park. (Read more at nps.gov)

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