Turtles In The News: 7 Facts About Green Turtles

One of the first most incredible sights I saw was a turtle swimming just 3 metres in front of me and from then on I was hooked on scuba diving. In this article we take a look at green turtles and 7 facts you might like to know …

http://www.scubadiving.com/7-facts-about-green-sea-turtlesGreen sea turtles face a number of dangers — boat propeller accidents, drowning in fishnets, and the destruction of their nesting grounds — that have led to their listing as an endangered species.

Beloved by scuba divers, green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) are both alike and different from other sea turtle species. read more at scubadiving.com

Green Sea Turtle On Barefoot Reef, Pompano Beach, Florida

There are few sights more heart warming than watching a turtle swim. Here we see a green turtle caught on film at Barefoot Reef, one of the popular reefs to dive from Pompano Beach, Florida …

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