Sharks In The News: Diver Attacked by a Bull Shark

We all hear about shark attacks but what about those rare pieces of footage of unprovoked attacks?

This report is about a bull shark attack that took place off the coast of North Queensland. Watch the incredible video of the attack below …

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This is the moment diver Kerry Daniel, 35, was almost eaten by a bull shark after the predator charged at him while in the water off the coast of North Queensland

At the last moment the diver jams his spear into the shark’s mouth, leaving the predator writhing in agony just metres from him

But as the video shows, a moment more of hesitation and the roles could have easily been reversed. Heart-stopping footage shows a diver attacked by a killer bull shark on the Great Barrier Reef

Incredible Footage As The Bull Shark Attacks

The pictures above are intimidating enough but they are nothing compared to the actual footage shot as the attack took place … lucky, lucky boy!!

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