Reef Dives: Nine Foot Stake

Nine Foot Stake Key West

Very nice reef for beginning divers with depths not exceeding 25 feet. Plenty of marine life to see lobster, eels and occasional rays.

Gear, air fills and lodging available through dive charters.

Nine Foot Stake Key West

9-foot Stake is a coral reef located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Nine Foot Stake Key West

Nine Foot Stake Key West

It lies to the south of Key West, and is west of Marker 32 reef. Unlike many reefs in the Sanctuary, it is not within a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA).

The reef gets its name from a fallen telephone pole within the reef.

This is a great shallow water dive. It has tons of all kinds of marine plants and animals.

You can expect to see lots of small tropical fish like blue chromis, snapper, porkfish, grunts, red hind grouper, graysby grouper, damselfish, green moray eel, and lots of spiny lobster.

Cruise over the sandy areas near the grass and you’re likely to find Queen Conch. There are several different species of corals both soft and hard at this dive site.

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