Reef Dives: Horseshoe Reef

Horseshoe Reef Marathon

Natural Reef great diving depth allows for long down times. lots of sea life fun to go with the surge enjoy the ride.

Visibility is usually terrific with plenty to see. The diving depth results in good long bottom time so you have plenty of time to see a major amount of fish.

Horseshoe Reef Marathon Wiki

As you may have guessed, this reef gets its name from its curved horseshoe-like formation.

Horseshoe Reef Marathon

Horseshoe Reef Marathon

It ranges in depth from 15 to 25 feet, with the sharpest profile on the shoreward side.

There are several sandy ledges decorated with soft coral and sponges.

There is also a series of coral heads located on the northwest side.

Turtles find the ledges as safe havens for napping, and are abundant in this reef. These turtles are protected and should not be touched.

French, bluestripped, and smallmouth grunts are a common sight as well as snapper.

Hawksbill and loggerheads are often seen in the summer time. Horseshoe is an ideal spot for new divers. (Read more at Divespot)

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