Reef Dives: Herman’s Hole

Herman's Hole Marathon

Herman’s Hole is a circular coral and limestone ridge that drops 20 feet to the sand in the center, and 30 feet to the sand around the outside.

The hole is surrounded by a patch reef where grunts can be seen. There is a five-foot ledge with overhangs here as well. You’ll often find many grunts and snappers here. (Divespots)

Herman’s Hole Marathon Wiki

Herman's Hole Marathon

Herman’s Hole Marathon

The Middle Keys, from Islamorada to Marathon, are considered the prime hunting grounds for lobsters in lobster season.

From Islamorada, lobster charters visit reef sites including The Garden, Fish Bowl and the Aquarium.

From Marathon, popular lobster areas are the Bomb Holes, a series of shallow craters on the Florida Bay side of Marathon; the current-swept pilings and rubble piles of the Seven-Mile Bridge; and shallow reefs like Herman’s Hole and Yellow Rocks.

Herman’s hole depth is 15 to 65 feet and is suitable for the novice diver.

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