Reef Dives: Flower Gardens

Flower Garden West Palm Beach

The Flower Gardens has an amazing ecosystem with large fish, sponges, corals, and grunts making this ledge a dive filled with life and vivid colors.

The Flower Gardens has a shallow ledge that contains both an inside and outside drop.  The outside ledge has several fingers and starts at 40 feet then slopes down to 70 feet.

Flower Gardens West Palm Beach Wiki

An outside edge, with several fingers extending seaward.

Flower Garden West Palm Beach

Flower Garden West Palm Beach

Depths about 52 feet on top of the fingers, 70 feet in sand between.

Edges on both sides and west end of the fingers.

In bright sunshine, perhaps the most colorful reef in the area.

Profuse sponge and coral growth, and clouds of grunts so large fellow divers cannot be seen on the other side of the school.

All the common reef fish in abundance. (courtesy Wadespage)

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