Reef Dives: East Washerwoman

East Washerwoman Marathon

East Washerwoman Shoal is marked with a 36′ tall light tower. The depth of the water ranges from eight feet to twenty five feet.

There are no mooring buoys to tie your boat to, so be careful when you anchor. Be sure to place it in the sandy area that’s around the outside edge of the reef.

East Washerwoman Marathon Wiki

East Washerwoman Shoal and Other Patch Reefs in Hawk Channel.

The bedrock depression beneath Hawk Channel varies in elevation due to clusters of patch reefs in certain areas.

East Washerwoman Marathon

East Washerwoman Marathon

The most prominent patches are named. The Mosquito Bank and Hen and Chickens patch reefs are located off the upper Keys.

Patch reefs of East and West Turtle and East Washerwoman Shoals lie off the middle Keys. (courtesy pubs.usgs.gov)

West Washerwoman off the lower Keys is by far the largest mid-channel cluster of patch reefs.

Six miles southwest of Key Colony Beach lays East Washerwoman Shoal.

This site ranges in depth from 10 to 20 feet and is marked by a 36-foot tower.

Snorkeling can be done in the shallow areas. Rose, brain, star and staghorn coral can all be seen on the sandy bottom of this Shoal.

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