Reef Dives: Duck Key

Adelaide Baker Wreck Marathon

This old steam powered freighter remains unidentified. She lies in 20 to 25 feet of water off the north end of Marathon, and divers will easily recognize her four smoke stacks and two huge boilers scattered across the sea bed.

The area, which is also known as Boiler Patch, is good for novice divers and contains a good assortment of marine life.

Duck Key – Adelaide Baker – Marathon Wiki

In 20 feet of water, four miles south-southeast of Duck Key, lie the remains of a three-masted iron-rigged and reinforced wooden-hull bark.

Adelaide Baker Wreck Marathon

Adelaide Baker Wreck Marathon

The major features of this ship, locally known as the Conrad and believed to be the Adelaide Baker, are scattered over a square quarter-mile area.

The Adelaide Baker was 153 feet long, with a draft of almost 21 feet.

She signifies a period of time when the fledgling United States was growing and prospering. This was the “American Period” of shipping, in the 19th century, when the most efficient (and sometimes only) means of transporting goods was by vessel.

Today, the remaining parts of the ship host a diverse overgrowth of organisms such as gorgonians, sponges, and encrusting corals. (via noaa.gov)

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