Reef Dives: Crocker Wall

Crocker Wall Islamorada

Located on the south end of Crocker Reef (30-60 feet), the wall sports spur and groove formation with mounding coral heads on top in 60-80 feet of water and is a great sea slope dive.

Large fish, turtles, barrel sponges, sea fans, green morays, etc. can frequently be seen. (via Islamorada Dive Center)

Crocker Wall Islamorada Wiki

Crocker Wall is located on the south side of Crocker Reef and is a good sea slope dive. The wall is 450-feet long and in 60 to 80 feet of water.

Crocker Wall Islamorada

Crocker Wall Islamorada

Some of the sea life to be seen in the area is grouper, yellowtail, grunts, rays, turtles and large barrel sponges. Seafans and gorgonians are a common sight along the wall.

Additionally, divers will find spur-and-groove coral and block coral on the wall.

Mild currents make this a great drift-dive location. The depth of this dive provides a likely viewing of larger fish.

An important note should be made that fire coral is present in this area and divers should be sure to avoid a potentially painful collision. (courtesy of Divespots)

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