Reef Dives: Crocker Reef

Crocker Reef Islamorada

Remarkable elements such as formations of staghorn corals and swaying gorgonians add to the beauty of this dive.

The reef is also marked by many small canyons, which are a result of natural formation. This is a very large reef covering enough area to be broken in to several separate reefs. (Divespots)

Crocker Reef Islamorada Wiki

Crocker Reef (or Crocker Ridges) is a coral reef located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

Crocker Reef Islamorada

Crocker Reef Islamorada

It lies to the southeast of Plantation Key, and is near Davis Reef. Unlike many reefs in the Sanctuary, it is not within a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA).

2015: Researchers from the USGS will be engaged in an integrated data and sample collection at Crocker Reef, Florida Keys, as part of the Coastal and Marine Geology Program’s (CMGP) Coral Reef Ecosystem Studies (CREST) project.

The seasonal study, begun last summer, is a major part of a year-long focus on Crocker Reef, combining expertise in three specific areas: geochemistry, geology, and metabolic processes.

The effort will combine water sampling for carbonate chemistry, reef metagenome analyses, and will also include servicing temperature loggers and current meters. (via CREST)

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