Reef Dives: Conch Reef

Conch Reef Islamorada

Conch Reef is aptly named since the area is home to numerous Queen Conchs and is one of the most beautiful coral reefs and walls in Islamorada and the Florida Keys.

There are many acclaimed shallow dive sites near Conch Reef. Depths at the mooring buoys average 16 feet. Also within the conch reef system are two other well known dive sites, the Aquarius Habitat and the Conch Wall.

Conch Reef Islamorada Wiki

Conch Reef is a coral reef located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

It lies to the southeast of Plantation Key. This reef is within a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA).

Conch Reef Islamorada

Conch Reef Islamorada

Adjacent to the SPA is a “Research Only” zone and the Aquarius underwater laboratory is at the center of the zone.

Outside of these zones is Conch Wall, a deep wall reef. (Wikipedia)

Located 6 miles east of Windley Key, just south of Conch Reef in 30 feet of water, this shallow water dive site is close to the wreck of the Infante (about 75 yards) there are ledges to explore and corals, sponges, seafans as well as eels and the occasional nurse shark.

Little Conch Reef is the site of active lobster hunting during the sport lobster season.

Tube sponges, seafans and some elkhorn coral make this a pretty site for photography. Divers and snorkelers can enjoy the site together.

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