Reef Dives: Cheeka Rocks

Cheeka Rocks Islamorada

Located three miles south-southwest of Windley Key and one mile directly off upper Matecumbe, Cheeca Rocks are a great site for those divers hoping to capture incredible pictures.

The site has many soft corals and a large collection of brain corals. Mushroom and star corals also cover a large portion of this area.

This is a good dive for beginning divers who are looking for a beautiful site. Surrounding the area are sandy patches where conch and turtles can be spotted. (source: divespots)

Cheeka Rocks Islamorada Wiki

Cheeka Rocks Islamorada

Cheeka Rocks Islamorada

Cheeca Rocks is a shallow coral reef (patch reef) located within the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. It lies approximately one mile to the southeast of Upper Matecumbe Key.

This reef lies within a Sanctuary Preservation Area (SPA).

Cheeca Rocks is one of the smallest SPAs, encompassing approximately 0.05 square nautical mile and is located southeast of Upper Matecumbe Key. (via noaa.gov)

Snorkeling Cheeka Rocks

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