Reef Dives: Breakers Reef

Breakers Reef West Palm Beach

Breaker’s Reef is an excellent drift dive area running nearly two miles north and south with dramatic undercut ledges, overhangs, and swim-throughs.

Don’t be surprised if you come across Goliath grouper, a school of squid or loggerhead turtles.

Breakers Reef West Palm Beach Wiki

The Breakers Reef system runs for nearly 2 miles off the beach front hotel that gives it the name.

It’s the most heavily dived reef in the area for the reason that it’s be best in the area.

Every form of native sea life resides here, and in great numbers.

Breakers Shallow

Breakers Reef West Palm Beach

Breakers Reef West Palm Beach

An inside ledge 30 feet in the sand with fingers and undercuts. Rises 8-10 feet in places to 20 feet on top.

No current, plenty of juvenile tropicals and many invertebrates. This site frequently used by instructors to give students their first saltwater dives, and frequented by private boats.

One of the few places in the Riviera Beach area where the 30 foot reefline is well developed.

Breakers South

Broken patchy inside reef with not much definition to the edge. Over 200 yards across at widest point.

Patches of sand throughout the reef, many small ledges and undercuts. Good lobster territory, as many hiding places.

Many individual ecosystems as tropicals find lots of hiding places. Depth 49 feet on top sloping to about 60. (via WadesPage)

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