Reef Dives: Bath and Tennis

Bath and Tennis Reef West Palm Beach

Located in water ranging from 40-65 feet deep, this natural reef is just east of Mar-a-Lago, the “Trump” seaside mansion and directly offshore from the Bath and Tennis Club of Palm Beach (its namesake).

If you come inshore to very shallow water – about 10 feet deep, you’ll find the sand is discolored – this is where an old shipwreck lies.

Not much is left to see – but the reef itself is abundant with marine life and the little nooks and holes in the reef house lobster. (Adiscuba)

Bath & Tennis Reef West Palm Beach Wiki

In bright sunshine Bath & Tennis reef becomes alive with colors.

Bath and Tennis Reef West Palm Beach

Bath and Tennis Reef West Palm Beach

Depths in this area range from 43 feet to 65 feet.

Inshore in 10 feet of water the remnants of a vintage shipwreck can be seen.

Locating this area may be difficult so look for the discoloration of the bottom sand.

The entire area is oblong in shape and is about 1/4 mile long. The current is generally not an issue at this location.

Broken edges and stretches of ridges provide areas for schools of fish and lobsters to reside. (Source: Divespots)

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