Reef Dives: Barracuda Reef

Barracda Reef Fort Lauderdale

Barracuda Reef is a fairly shallow reef off Broward County that offers a dive experience similar to diving on reefs in the Florida Keys. Excellent for fish-watching.

Surrounded by 29 mooring buoys, the first markers to be installed in Broward County, Barracuda reef is an excellent spot for fish-watching.

Located a half-mile out from the John U. Lloyd State Recreational Area, this reef lies in 35 feet of water.

Barracuda Reef Fort Lauderdale Wiki

Barracda Reef Fort Lauderdale

Barracda Reef Fort Lauderdale

The site has a high profile reef ledge that rises 10 to 15 feet from the bottom.

This reef offers a sight similar to that of reefs in the Florida Keys with a healthy concentration of staghorn, star, and brain corals.

Fish life is plentiful and lobsters, crabs, and moray eels can be found underneath ledges that rise about four feet from the bottom.

Boat traffic is heavy in the area and divers should exercise caution when exploring this reef. (Divespots)

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