Reef Dive: Hammerhead Reef

Hammerhead Reef Fort Lauderdale

Hammerhead is a reef that extends for over two miles from the Dania Pier almost to Port Everglades Cut.

A great spot for a reef drift dive.  In places, this coral reef reaches to 24′ from the sand and has nooks and crannies, ledges and overhangs that are great hiding spots for lobsters, turtles, eels and fish.

Southern Stingrays are frequently spotted here as well. (via Seaxp.com)

Hammerhead Reef Fort Lauderdale Wiki

Beginning a half-mile south of Port Everglades, Hammerhead Reef stretches for 2.5 miles and ends at the Dania Pier.

Hammerhead Reef Fort Lauderdale

Hammerhead Reef Fort Lauderdale

The base of the reef lies in 80 feet of water on the eastern side and in 60 feet on the western side.

The reef rises to as high as 18 feet in some places.

Hammerhead Reef contains many undercuts and ledges which provide shelter for an abundance of tropical marine life.

Southern Stingrays can often be found buried in the sand along the edges of the reef.

This is a popular drift dive for both private and charter dive boats. (courtesy of Lauderdale Diver)

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