Nurse sharks enjoy living a lazy lifestyle

During shark week there have been some great posts put out there but here is one I thought was put together really well and gives you a great insight into the world of sharks … sharks went to high school, we have a pretty good idea what each would be known for. In every class, there’s always an epic gossip, a great athlete, or in the thresher shark’s case, a champion chef really able to “whip” up a meal with its tail.

This Shark Week, let’s recognize sharks for being more than just mindless eaters. Sharks have accomplished some impressive feats below the waves, and it’s about time we give credit where it’s due.

Nurse sharks enjoy living a lazy lifestyle … read more at

Nurse Sharks In Islamorada, Florida

Of course Florida is well known for sharks although it is usually the infamous shark attacks that get the most publicity. Here is a video of nurse shark feeding on a lobster trap …

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