Fish In The News: When it comes to predators, size matters

We’re blessed with a huge variety of all things marine so it’s great to see what is out there and what these different marine species are up to. In this article we take a look at the California sheephead … reserves play an important role in sustaining ecosystem diversity and abundance. Their presence enables certain species to return to a natural size structure, which enables predators to control destructive prey.

A case in point is the California sheephead. The colorful fish inhabit kelp forests ranging from Monterey Bay to the Gulf of California in Mexico. Scientists have known for some time that these sex-changing wrasses are a critical part of the kelp forest ecosystem.

California Sheephead Feeding

The one thing I love about scuba diving is someone is usually filming so when you come across fish such as the California sheephead¬† it’s an opportunity to share with the world …

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