Diving Holidays

Diving Holidays: 40 Insider Tips for Dive Travel

There s nothing worse than planning a great diving holiday or trip only to fnd that you have missing equipment or worse, damaged your equipment on route. Which is why you may find these 40 tips very useful …

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Packing luggage full of dive gear and traveling to an unfamiliar place can be intimidating. Check out these 40 expert travel tips for scuba divers.

Experience is expensive, which goes along with the old adage that an expert is just a person who’s made every mistake possible in a very narrow field. Whether you’re approaching expert status in the world of dive travel, or you’re just hoping to lessen the cost, we offer these tips on getting the most out of your diving vacation.  40 Insider Tips for Dive Travel

Scuba Diving Holidays

Make sure you plan well for your diving holiday and very rarely do you go wrong than by trusting the local diving centers who know their patch well. Review what other people have to say about them and dive with a reputable company.

In this video Scuba Diving Honduras show you what it’s like to dive with a goliath grouper …

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