Conservation Spotlight: The Great Plastic Era

We all like convenience but maybe our marine environment is paying the price?

Plastic is both unsightly and is destroying habitats and the marine life that live in these polluted habitats.

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The reality is not pretty. It’s not easy to look at. But if that’s how you feel about it, can you imagine having no other option than to live (and quite possibly die) like that?

Sitting high on the food chain and possessing superior intelligence in the animal kingdom means we can make choices about what we put into our bodies. We can discern the difference between a plastic bag and a jellyfish.

Far too many species cannot, and we are responsible for their deaths when it comes as a result of plastic pollution. The Great Plastic Era: A Grim Reality

Pollution of Florida Reef

Nowhere is exempt from pollution including this reef in Pompano Beach, Florida …

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